People of all ages may experience various types of pain in their body and they struggle with it at one time or another. Many injuries happen simply because there is a tendency of the wear and tear of the tissues. Certain sports activities increase the risk of injury in sports enthusiasts and consulting physical therapists helps a lot in speedy recovery. Apart from exercise therapy, doctors suggests physical therapy in Newark as it aims to ease pain and helps to function, live better and

• Give relief from pain
• Improves the movement ability
• Helps to recover from sports injury
• Prevents disability or surgery
• Works on balance to prevent a slip or fall
• Manage chronic pains or illness

Physical Therapists at Silver Creek Physical Therapy hear all your problems and look at your needs and then guide your therapy. They perform hands-on treatments for your symptoms and even guides on special exercises that help you to move and function better. In case of serious injuries physical therapist works with doctors or other healthcare professionals to give you the ultimate comfort and relief from pain. The procedure of treatments includes:

• Exercise or stretching
• Massage, heat or cold therapy, warm water therapy to ease the muscles
• A session to learn the usage of artificial limb (if necessary )
• Enables the patients to the usage of gadgets on how to move or stay balanced with the help of cane or walker

One most common problem found among the Americans is the painful shoulder. It is the most often pain and injury prone area in a body. The joints are affected mostly by the activities like swimming, tennis, volleyball, baseball pitching, or weightlifting. These sports activities may increase the risk for a shoulder injury and cause the damage to the shoulder joints and tendons. If you are one of those who are complaining about shoulder pain in Sunnyvale then follow certain steps to give relief to your shoulder:

• Give rest to your shoulder from any work or pressure.
• Apply ice to the affected shoulder to get relief from the pain
• Exercises on rotator cuff strengthening or a range of motion exercise help you achieve shoulder pain relief or other exercises strengthens the upper extremity giving you an opportunity to lead a healthy or pain free life.