“Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy

I wanted to thank you, Carlos Rosa P.T. and the entire staff at Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy with helping me with my full recover from major shoulder surgery. Carlos was invaluable to me his manipulating of the affect shoulder was immensely helpful with restoring my full range of motion back to me once again. The exercises he showed me how to do and in a progressive manner helped restore my shoulder muscle strength as well. Upon each and every visit I was welcomed by Regina at the front desk and all of my appointments started right on time. Your Aide Staff was very helpful with monitoring my exercise regiment and being there to remind me how the exercises were to be done. Everyone there were friendly, respectful and 100% Professional. I recommended you and your facility to my Orthopedic Surgeon (Dr. Ferris) and to all my friends. Thanks again for your help with my recovery.

Mike K
“To Whom is my Concern:

I’ve been a client of Silver Creek in Newark twice, once two years ago and again this year.
I am so impressed with your employees there. I felt the need to tell you. I meant to write two years ago.
First, I’ve had Phillip both times as my Therapist. He’s an amazing person. He always greets me with a smile. He explains what we’re doing and why. I totally trust him to know what I need. He can make me laugh. That helps me relax and it always makes me feel better. My knee is always relaxed and pain free when I leave. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him.

Now to Adrian and Andrea. Those two are totally alert and on point. They know when I need help before I do. If I am doing an exercise incorrectly they know, because they are always watching . Then they gently explain how I should be doing it.

I am so impresses with these two. They are both excellent at what they do. They make me feel pampered and like the most important person there.I enjoy going to therapy. I never thought I would say that, and it’s because of these three.

Gratefully, Diane
“My mom’s experience

Hi Shelley and Todd, Happy New year to you and the family! Hope you had a good holiday break and recharged for 2015.

My mom has been going to Carlos at SCFPT since November 2014 for knee rehab- she started at a very bad place with very little to no range of motion- what we called a “pirate’s leg”. With Carlos’s guidance and amazing set of skilled hands, she has regained significant mobility with great relief in pain. She is now “ready” to make the long trip to India in February (which was getting delayed to a large extent due to her poor mobility, pain and balance issues).

Congratulations to both of you for leading an organization with caring and experienced professionals- who are willing to go a step further to make things better- appreciate each and every one of them especially Carlos, the front desk support and PT assistants.

You must be really proud of your group!!Best wishes for continued success in healing many more in the community,

“My Silver Creek experience

Phillip Dobashi is great. He is a true professional who is very knowledgeable about PT. I am in PT as a result of my hip full joint replacement. This is my second hip replacement – the first one was for my left hip six years ago and this one was for my right hip 3 months ago. Phillip has progressed me to the point where I am very comfortable walking without any aids, am able to go to the gym to do full body workouts, and able to ride my street bicycle very comfortably. The significance of riding my bicycle is that I am able to swing my right leg over the seat and get on the bike. I am also able to bend down to put on my socks and tie my shoelaces. I am ahead of the pace I was when I had my left hip done 6 years ago. Note that I am 73 years old, so this progress is very significant, which I attribute to the excellent and professional therapy I am receiving from Silver Creek.

I am very impressed with the staff also. The staff is great. They, under the guidance of Phillip, work very smoothly as a team. They all are aware of my presence and my program. They monitor my exercises to insure that I am doing them correctly. If I finish an exercise, within seconds, one of the staff is there to ask me how it’s going and to get me started on the next exercise. They use a checklist which has my program, so they can insure that I complete my session completely and accurately.

Everyone at Silver Creek is very friendly and make me feel special. They are very consistent. Before returning to work, I did my PT at 11:00AM. After returning to work, I changed my PT to 3:30PM. While Phillip was with me at both time frames, the staff changed. The staff in both time frames were all friendly, competent, attentive and excellent in their work. To my way of thinking, this is a tribute to not only the staff, but to Phillip’s guidance, and also to the overall management of Silver Creek.

I enthusiastically recommend Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. In fact, as soon as I complete my hip recovery, I have another issue which I believe will require PT – I intend to come back to Silver Creek for that.

Chuck Di Bari
“Silver Creek helped me avoid surgery

I came to Silver Creek Therapy in October 2010 with a severe case of ‘Frozen Shoulder’. I could barely move my right hand, and could not do much of the routine work without terrible pain. One of the doctors had even suggested possible surgery, however, I wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible. Thanks to Todd and his excellent staff at Silver Creek Physical Therapy, after a few sessions I started regaining much of the movements in my right arm.

Fred K
“Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy’s

Robert Noakes is, in my opinion “the best physical therapist ever”. Besides being very nice, he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Having that doctorate, being a professional instructor, in addition to having an acute awareness of his patients’ needs, makes him smarter – i.e., of more benefit – than some physicians. Besides his hands-on help and physical training, he has given me more practical advice than I have received from any other source for my spine problems and surgical recovery.

I hope that people in the Los Gatos area, and beyond, discover him at Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy’s newest location. They will find a most personable young (in my book) man who takes great interest in his patients.

“My experience with SCFPT

have just finished physical therapy for the second shoulder surgery in two years. Because of the good experience I had with the therapy on the right shoulder, I didn’t hesitate to have the surgery done on the left shoulder a year later. Dr. Rob Noakes was my physical therapist for both shoulders. He is amazing! He knew when to push, and more importantly, when not to push. He was continually thorough on every appointment. My experience with SCFPT was a positive one, and I recommend Rob to all and everyone!

I had Carlos a couple of times when Rob wasn’t available and he was wonderful as well. The office staff and all the assistants were kind and attentive. They continually called me by name and made me feel special.

A big thank you to Rob and the rest of the staff on a job well done!!!

“Ginger Furuta-Sera
Dear Todd and Randy, I have been a patient, continually for over a year and a half now, at your SCFPT facility on Bernal Road in San Jose. I originally came in for a consultation with Rozalyn Pelayo regarding a sore shoulder. She diligently worked on it and weeks later suggested that I see an orthopedic surgeon. I did, and ended up diagnosed with a full thickness rotator cuff tear simultaneously compounded by adhesive capsulitis. According to the surgeon, this is a rare situation.

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with the staff at your Bernal facility, namely receptionist Brenda Sanchez (relocated to the Evergreen facility), receptionist Mary, PTA Jason Anderson and DPT Rozalyn Pelayo. These four individuals have outstanding personalities and have made me feel comfortable and welcome from day one. Eighteen months of physical therapy, three shoulder surgeries later and your staff continues to welcome and greet me by name the moment I walk in.

Brenda did an outstanding job with scheduling, billing and dealing with my insurance issues. Since Brenda’s departure, Mary has followed with great service managing my eighteen month paper trail, and keeping me up to date with my insurance/payment/credit status.

Jason, one of my PTA’s from the onset, is very patient in explaining all the exercises over and over again. He corrects me when he sees me doing an exercise incorrectly and if he notices any sign that I may danger myself, he will stand there to make sure I am safe. Jason is very caring towards his clients, never keeps me waiting, and is a joy to work with.

Last but definitely not least, Roz! What I admire most about Roz is her personality and willingness to help her patients get better. She is impressively knowledgeable in her field, takes the time to explain everything and will switch to laymans terms for those of us who don’t understand the medical jargon! Roz always gives her undivided attention whenever I have questions regarding my progress and she will explain the answers until I am satisfied, even if that means I put her behind schedule. Roz has the ability to read her patients, know their limitations and in my particular case has come to know me so well, that she can tell when I am hesitant to admit pain. She senses when I am having a bad day or feel like giving up, and comes up with just the right words to encourage me to keep trying by reminding me how far I’ve come and how much progress I’ve made (or sometimes just giving me a new exercise seems to brighten my day!). I can still recall most sessions when I showed up in so much pain and barely any mobility in my right arm. What a struggle! It has definitely been a long road but with Roz’s professionalism, encouragement, extreme amount of patience as well as her positive attitude, I have no doubt she will get me back on the tennis courts.

Todd and Randy, you have a great intimate facility at your Bernal office. I am always greeted by name upon arrival, I am never kept waiting and your staff always has such positive energy. I have been at SCFPT for an unusually extended amount of time trying to rehabilitate this stubborn shoulder and I realize I am very fortunate (some may even say spoiled) to have Roz and Jason continue to treat me. I appreciate all their efforts. I’d also like to thank Roz for supporting and guiding me through all my surgical decisions. What a great job you’ve done in hiring Roz, Jason, Brenda and Mary.

Cordially, GFS
“Excellent, friendly and kind

My experience with Todd Jones and the Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy group has been so consistently positive that I trust Todd and his colleagues completely and recommend them without hesitation.

Todd has an unusually strong ability to listen, analyze astutely, and draw upon a wide range of therapeutic techniques that has completely healed my back and eliminated the excruciating pain with which I’d been living. His solutions were customized to my needs. For example, after analyzing my injury, he designed precise stretching exercises that took into account both the specific location of my injury and congenital deformities of my spine. These stretches were so perfectly suited to my back and injury that, even during the recovery period, they significantly reduced my pain whenever I did them.

In addition, I wish to acknowledge and compliment the high level of professionalism that the Silver Creek team’s interns showed. They were excellent, friendly and kind.

I was impressed by the almost unique level of organization displayed by the administrative staff. Never before have I experienced such precision in making appointments, providing information, and follow-up. Todd and his crew were always precisely on time, which is almost unique among healthcare service providers, and it further exemplifies this Physical Therapy group’s professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Peter-Martin Poriss