The desire to stay physically fit and a passion for your favorite sport are some of the reasons that drag us to play sports. Playing your desired sports can offer you with many rewards, victories and at the same time can increase the risk of injury. An athlete can face two types of injury namely overuse injuries and acute traumatic injuries. As the term itself says, an overuse injury is caused by overuse of a certain part of the body due to the repetition of the sports activity. Unlike overuse injuries happens over a period of time, acute traumatic injuries, on the other hand, can be a result of a single blow and can have a heavy impact on the body. Strains, fractures, and lacerations are the most common form of sports injuries in San Jose, which is commonly experienced by the athletes associated with sports activity.

There are certain things which athletes can try to do to prevent sports injures encounter them. Here are suggestions of things you can try out to prevent sports injuries.

  • Staying hydrated is essential for the athletes. Drink plenty of water and various other healthy fluids as it gives more energy when the body is active. Keeping yourself hydrated can help to stabilize your core body temperature and prevents the muscles from cramping.
  • Increase the training gradually. Some common sports injuries can happen as people build up their training schedules too quickly. To avoid injury, gradually increase the intensity and duration of training.
  • Transition carefully as it varies from sport to sport. Even if you are in a great physical condition also, transition plays a vital role.
  • Wear protective gear to avoid injury.
  • Don’t forget to warm up. A few minutes spent on warming up session can prepare your muscles and reduce the injury risk.
  • The moment it hurts stop immediately. When you feel the first twinges, unusual pain or discomfort, stop the activity to reduce the risk of a sports injury.
  • Make sure to incorporate rest days in your routine so that your body gets the time to regenerate and heal.

Even when you take the necessary precautions sports injuries in Sunnyvale can happen in occasion basis you should seek medical attention. Consult the medical experts at Silver Creek Physical Therapy to get back to your favorite athletic activities more quickly.