serviceOur philosophy is to give each patient the best possible care available when it comes to physical therapy. We specialize in manual therapy where the therapist performs specific “hands on” treatments to get you better. At Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy, each patient receives hands on care along with an individualized exercise program designed just for their injury. Contact us with any questions about our services or please come in for a tour of our facility.

• Physical Therapy Services

Pre and Post surgical rehab

Sports injuries

Work related injuries

Automobile injuries

Spine pain and injuries

Postural andergonomic problems

Proprioceptiveand balance problems

Muscle imbalancesand tightness

Myofascial pain



Athletic training and pre-athletic screening

Prevention andstrengthening programs

• Available Treatments

Soft tissue mobilization

Manual Resisted exercise

Proprioceptive Neuro-muscular Facilitation (PNF)

Muscle energy techniques

Myofascial release

Joint Mobilization


Ultrasound and phonophoresis

Electrical muscular stimulation



Cervical and lumbar traction

• Specialty Programs

Sport specific training


Pre and post natal

Trunk stability and low back pain