Statistics say that a majority of the living population is either facing back related problem, knee or shoulder pain in their lives. Pain in your back can affect your ability to perform basic activities of daily living like household chores, yard work, and gardening, or recreational sports like golf, basketball, to name but a few. It becomes more challenging and difficult to perform these basic activities when you are suffering from lower back problems. With proper exercises and stretches, one can get relief from back pain in Newark and enjoy improved functioning and performance.

Advice on how to deal with severe back pain

Posture plays a pivotal role in preventing back pain. Maintain correct posture is very important. It is very necessary to stand, sit or walk properly so that the muscles and ligaments do not pull the vertebrae out of alignment and cause pain.

For temporary relief from chronic back pain, consider both ice and heat treatment. Ice is said to be more effective in reducing pain from any recent injury and helps to reduce inflammation. And heat is helpful as it penetrates deeply to soothe more serious injuries related to chronic pain.

Avoid lifting of heavy boxes or weights as lifting heavy object can give you a heavy and painful surprise.

With today’s busy schedule millions of people often complain about either knee, back or lower back pain.  It is a very common symptom which made people visits their doctors often. People, who are mostly affected by Knee Pain in Newark, are athletes.

Steps to prevent knee pain

  • Stop engaging in activities that aggravate pain
  • Start exercising slowly and perform them a number of times a day.
  • Be careful about the postures. If you are having knee pain you need to sit in a favourable way.
  • If the pain becomes severe always seek professional’s help.

There are many types of injuries that can cause knee pain and if you have decided to take a step towards a healthy life then consult therapists at Silver Creek Physical Therapy.  We offer one-on-one physical therapy care to the patients, maintaining the ethical and professional standards of treatment.