With today’s very active and busy life, knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint that people often have when they visit their doctor. Depending on the types of injuries, some pain can be severe. Torn ligaments, damage to cartilage or muscles causing to severe Knee Pain in San Jose is most common with the athletes. Nowadays knee surgery is treated as the last option and there are several other treatments to give you relief from knee joint pain.

  • Sometimes by simple means you can, get the best pain treatment. With the application of Orthotics & Knee Braces, one can reduce knee joint pain greatly. What you have to do is change the way of walking, and the braces work almost the same as Orthotics. Putting the braces in the shoe changes and corrects the way the knee moves and cures your pain.
  • Using corticosteroid injections is a highly effective knee joint pain relief treatment in the medicinal world. It is injected directly with proper medication thus giving relief to millions from their knee or joint pain.
  • Application of creams is one of the effective ways of treating knee or joint pains.
  • Knees are subject to a lot of stress, especially if you are active enough. The other alternative to the usage of a cream could be supplements or patches.


It is important if you have sore knee joints or any other symptoms always consult a medical practitioner or specialist as they are the right ones to advise which procedure of treatment will be beneficial for your problem.  Practitioners at Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy, first understand the depth of your problem then the advise you the process of your treatment.

Other than the problem in the knee, lower back pain in San Jose is the second most common reason for meeting the doctor very often. It is a very common symptom among adults and it is often caused by overuse of muscles causing strain or injury.  In the advancement of technology these days, there are several procedures of treatment to help relieve pain in the lower back depending on the condition.  The most natural way to treat your back pain is by performing simple exercises advised by your therapists.