Randy Waltz and Todd Jones met 15 years ago in graduate school. As their friendship grew they soon came to the realization that they had similar goals, beliefs and philosophies in regards to physical therapy and patient care. Their main goal was to provide a facility that would provide the best physical therapy care possible to its patients. This seed was planted from the very beginning and has grown into six clinics in the Bay area upholding their goal of exceptional patient care.

How it began :

After completing graduate school Randy moved back to his home town in Baltimore, MD to work and Todd followed his girlfriend at the time, (now his wife) Shelle, out to San Jose, CA. Shelle is from Sunnyvale and had graduated six months before us. Even though they were living on opposite coasts, the two remained in close contact and never lost sight of their vision to open a clinic that provided the best physical therapy care possible. Todd sent Randy a brochure about California with palm trees and bikinis and was able to lure him out to the west coast, sight unseen. The two worked together as physical therapists and in their spare time, continued to work on their vision of a clinic that would offer the best care possible. It all came together in December of 2001, with the opening of Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy in the Evergreen area of San Jose. This facility included a full gym and wellness center that allowed patients to continue their care under the supervision of the therapists after discharge. Today, with the partnership of other great physical therapists, Silver Creek Fitness and Physical has grown into six clinics; Evergreen, Blossom/Almaden Valley, Newark/Fremont, Los Gatos, Gilroy and Sunnyvale. The foundation of success for Silver Creek Physical Therapy has always been the people. It is through its relationships and trust in its partners, employees, patients and physicians that has propelled the growth of Silver Creek Physical Therapy. We are privileged to be able to affect the lives of so many patients and hope to continue this for a long time.

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